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AGG News : The 3. Edition 2016
AGG News

3th Issue of "Gymnocalycium" has just appeared

In the scientific part of the present issue Rudolf Bölderl deals with the history of Gymnocalycium joossensianum (Boedeker) Britton & Rose. The first
description stems from the year 1918 by Boedeker in the Monthly magazine for Cacti Study. Boedeker at that time had intensive contact with the
cacti gardens of De Laet in Kontich, Belgium. It was there that he saw for the first time these intensiveley rose colored flowers of imported plants which
he recognized as a new species and later described due to De Laet‘s chief gardener Joossens as Echinocactus joossensianus.
In addition there is a review to 6. International cactus exhibition.

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What is the AGG:

The aim is to widen the knowledge about the various species of Gymnocalycium and their propagation.


The most important means of communication is an independently edited periodical called „Gymnocalycium“. In it the taxonomy, the ecological aspects in their different habitats, their care and propagation are reported on in a scientific and also popular fashion. This magazine already exists for 26 years and is internationally recognised. It’s printing is of a technologically high standard on good quality paper. It appears 4 times a year. To accommodate collectors the issues are presented in loose leaf form
The second most important method of communication are annual meetings where information and experiences can be exchanged.

Subscription to „Gymnocalycium“:

Payment of the yearly dues now EURO € 35,-- (for European members) or EURO 40,- (for members outside Europe) include postage (yearly) by cash or postal money order to

Postscheckkonto: 93025906 Code word: AGG
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makes you a subscriber.

The AGG is a non-profit organisation and your dues for the magazine have to cover all costs of the AGG. We therefore ask you to pay the yearly fee in advance. If you want to buy past issues and for further information please contact
Mr. Helmut Amerhauser
Bahnweg 12
A-5301 Eugendorf
Tel.- Fax. 0043 6225/7222
E-mail: > <

and if you like more information too.

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